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Meet the Breeder


Over 45+ years of raising livestock experience.

Many of the things we've done in our lives have prepared us for this new chapter, beginning in 1976 when Fred purchased his first lambs for the county fair. From there, his passion for raising livestock grew. Starting with sheep and then pigs Fred became an avid competitor. Developing his skills on feeding, nutrition, exercise, and showmanship along with creating his own tricks of the trade, he became extremely successful in the 4-H program. 


When Fred and I met in 1978 little did we know the impact raising livestock would have on us for the next 42 years. All of our children were raised with 4-H and livestock being a big part of their lives.


Fred and his friend Jeff started their own 4-H club in 1996, The Market Masters. With this, Fred discovered a new passion, teaching young people how to raise and show livestock. The first year was focused on teaching the kids. The Market Masters won every award possible and the club continued to grow and still thrives to this day. 

A few years away from livestock, Fred couldn't let his passion fade. He decided to raise goats and just like everything else he went all in. His first year he sold eight kids and six of them were champions at their county fair.


Fast forward to 2024. Fred has fed his new passion, the Valais Blacknose Sheep. Our barn is producing 100% Full-Blood Valais Blacknose with more lambing in Spring and Sumer of 2024. We decided to focus solely on full-bloods and are prepared to sell the last of our breed-ups this Spring (except one near and dear to our hearts).


Like everything else, he will reach out, ask questions, learn the most up-to-date information and put what he believes will work, into action. As for me, I fell in love with the Valais too and plan to be by Fred's side in this crazy adventure as his tech support, photographer, promoter and biggest fan.

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