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Our Flock

Meet our Sheep


We reached our goal of lambing fullblood Valais in our barn in the Spring of 2022. It was an amazing experience and we learned so much. The ram and ewes are growing and will be joined with more pure Valais this Spring. 



Meet our recips. Each with a purebred Valais embryo and a few with twins. When selecting recips, be sure to choose a breed known to be good mothers.  Our first round of embryo transfers was completed with Polypays and they lived up to their reputation. We expect the same from these Rambouillet recips. We're happy to say all these girls will be delivering 100% fullblood Valais this Spring.


There is quite a difference between F1 to F2. Most notably the wool texture is thick and curly. The horns also grow straight out. The markings start to resemble that of the Valais. 



Our F1s are the results of our first step in the breed-up program. Like most, we went with the Scottish Blackface but also used a few Suffolk. The Suffolk breed has a sound structure and similar markings. We are happy with the results of the Suffolk F1 and even happier with her F2 offspring. We can't wait to see the results of the F3 this Spring.

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