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Rams /Wethers

Spring 2022

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Parkdale Valais Blacknose

New Zealand

Ram option available until June 1 st.

One of the common questions we get when people inquire about our Valais prior to lambing is "Why don't you take a deposit?" The answer is simple, we don't believe in offering something we aren't sure about. Our goal is to get healthy, quality lambs on the ground. We watch them closely and do everything necessary to assure they are going to be the best they can be before they go to their new home. At that time we can offer what we have available. All lambs are ear tagged, vaccinated and wormed before they leave our home. When an animal is purchased from Valais Blacknose of Lovers Lane we consider that the beginning of a relationship. We are here to help, to answer any questions you may have and to be a resource for you so we can promote this breed in the US and make it the best it can be. 



For information and pricing contact Fred:

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