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Valais Blacknose Sheep Shows Have Arrived in the US

Choosing to raise Valais Blacknose Sheep was a major life decision for us. It's a huge commitment, physically, financially, and emotionally. So, what was the determining factor for us? The Blacknose Beauties show in Carlisle, England. The experience of seeing this breed in person and meeting breeders was a major influence on us. If you have the opportunity to attend a show, I recommend you do so.

The most prestigious shows hosted by the Upper Valais Black-nosed Sheep Breeding Association take place in Switzerland. Miss VISP (ewes) just concluded and the Widdermarkt (rams) is scheduled for early March. The Blacknose Beauties, hosted by Valais Blacknose Society UK is happening in England and will be held in August. Not able to travel across the pond? No worries. Valais Blacknose shows have officially arrived in the US!

I'm currently aware of two shows in the US dedicated to Valais Blacknose Sheep. Both are scheduled for September 2023.

The first takes place September 9th & 10th on the east coast in Lambertville, New Jersey. Hosted by the non-profit organization Valais Blacknose International Sheep Breeders Association & Registry, this is the first American Classic Valais Blacknose National Show and it will be held during the 29th year of the Garden State Sheep Breeders annual event. As an established event, this show will bring in thousands of spectators. I'm sure the Valais Blacknose as the "featured breed" will be the highlight of the show! This event will include a BBQ, an auction, and a costume class! We are looking forward to this show, anticipating it to be educational and fun. To learn more about The First American Classic Valais Blacknose National Show follow their Facebook page click here:

For show details, sponsorship and to learn more about this non-profit organization click here:

The second show is scheduled for later in September. Located in the Midwest, The USA National Valais Blacknose Sheep Show takes place in Des Moines, Iowa on September 29th & 30th. This event is designed exclusively for the Valais Blacknose Sheep breeder. With over 50 classes this event offers an international team of judges and official grading by Swiss-commissioned judges. Educational workshops will be available as well as industry-leading sponsors and exhibitors to answer your questions. We are one of many sponsors of this show and are looking forward to connecting with other breeders in the industry. To follow their Facebook page click here:

I have no doubt we'll be able to see Valais Blacknose sheep at local fairs or some state fairs but currently I'm only aware of these two shows dedicated to the Valais Blacknose breed. If you're aware of any shows please let me know. We're excited about both shows. It takes time and dedication to organize an event of this magnitude and we're grateful to the organizations that are making this happen. We highly recommend you attend one if not both events to expand your knowledge and connect with other breeders. Hope to meet you there!


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