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A Change of Scenery

It's been an exciting past year and a half. Purebreds in the barn, a job change, and selling my commercial studio and moving it home. The one thing that stayed the same was the "barn". Yes, our barn was built over 40 years ago and was home to every 4-H project and more. A small barn, but boy did it serve its purpose. Well, now that too has changed.

The barn is a special place. So many memories were made. A place where it doesn't matter how dirty you are or what you smell like. A place to watch new life come into the world and watch an animal change and grow. A place where our kids worked together and sometimes not. A lot of life lessons have been taught in the barn. Creating memories for each member of the family to carry forever.

The past few months have been spent planning and building a new barn to accommodate our Valais. We couldn't be happier with the outcome. The look and design are simple. Great lighting and being fully insulated will be so appreciated when lambing and performing chores. The natural light is inviting and just makes you feel good. We love the Dutch doors for access to the outside and the large garage door for easy loading and unloading. Automatic waterers mean no more hauling water. What a wonderful set-up, especially for an aging couple!

I guess we've started a new chapter and created a place to make more memories. We can't wait!


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